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Welcome to Your Tune, where you can have an original song written and recorded by a professional musician of your choice with your own personalised details.  It is suitable to be given by anyone to anyone, for any occasion.  Just commission a song to fit the sentiment! 



Please browse our selection of musicians who are available to write and record tracks for you.  You will find information about each artist with links to their own original recordings.  Once you find an artist you like you tell us what you want.  You can choose the style of song that you want – should it be a romantic ballad or an up-tempo track you can dance to? Then just provide us with all the details you want added - a name, event, location, or details about someone’s life. 


Your Tune songs are used for Birthday, Anniversary Christmas, Valentine’s and wedding gifts, even for walking down the aisle or for a first dance.


The artist will write the song using the information you provide and then record the finished track.  You will receive the track within 14 days. 


All of our artists are professional musicians who are already writing and recording their own original songs.  All will have singles or albums that have been released across Spotify, Apple Music, You Tube etc.  They retain the rights to the songs they write for Your Tune, which means that the track you commission could be released in the future and become a big hit! 


Once written and recorded your track goes through our quality control process to ensure your brief has been fulfilled and we will then send it to you, or direct to the recipient if indicated by you.  We can send it on a specific date and with a personal message if you want. 


You will receive a link where you can download your track, in a variety of file formats so you can play it across most common devices.  


Your Tune was set up by musicians and mentors to provide a new way for music to be created, and for artists to be paid fairly and directly for their work.  Never before have music lovers and fans had an easier and more direct way to get involved with the creation of new music with developing artists. 


Your Tune is new – please sign up for updates about new and different products coming soon, including tracks from full bands and internationally-known artists. 

If you have any questions please contact us 

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