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Sam Richardson

Hailing from the rugged north coast of Cornwall, Sam Richardson is known for his cinematic and atmospheric songs, reminiscent of the days when imagery and stories played a key role in the songwriting process. He has drawn comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac with a classic roots-rock sound, deeply influenced by some of America’s greatest albums. Lyrically he draws influence from the vast open skies and seemingly endless summer nights of his home, and writes stories of the endless longing for freedom, giving up on your hometown, redemption and desperation. Personally he has played his songs to audiences of 8000, performed them on live BBC Television, national radio, mainstage festival appearances and support slots for platinum selling artists. Sam has most, if not all the experience needed to create the perfect, personalised tune for you or a loved one.

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To have Sam Richardson write a song for you, please click Add to Cart below.  After purchase you will receive an email requesting the details we need from you to enable Joe to write your track.


You just need to reply to that email following our instructions to give us the details for your track.  These can include the style of song, names to be included, special events or a message you’d like to convey to the recipient in the song.  Some people find it easy to provide these details for their song but we’re happy to guide you through it if needed!

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